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4 Essential Elements Every Website Should Have

While every company has different online needs, and the possible web solutions are nearly endless, there are four essential components that need to be in place on every site.  If you are missing any one of these, you won’t have 75% effectiveness, it will be more like 20%.  Think of a website like you would your laptop.  If it has a great screen, keyboard, and touchpad, but the battery is missing, it’s nearly worthless.  

1. SEO (search engine optimization)

Imagine SEO as the resume you send in on a job you really want.  It’s just a tidbit about yourself that convinces the hiring professional to call you in for more information.  You just have to peak their interest in your abilities.  Search results get your website found, we will structure your website to ensure you can easily be found.

2. Design

Next, the design, or look and feel of your website is akin to that snappy suit you pick out for the interview.  This is the first impression you make on them.  Do you look like you qualify for the job?  Does it look like you care about getting the job?  Many business websites across the country make a terrible first impression.  Most of your clients are probably out the moment they see you.

3. Marketing Message

Going along with our interview parallel, this is the actual interview.  Your potential client has questions and concerns, are you addressing them?  So let’s assume that they found your business in a Google search, and the first impression your design made has kept them on your website.  Now, what does your site say about your business that will cause your potential customer/client to choose your company over your competitor?   Most people are not going to hire you just because you look cool.

4. Sales Tools

Did you close the deal on that interview, is he/she ready to hire you?  Did your resume, first impression, and words on your website instill confidence that made your potential customer/client willing to buy?  You MUST have a plan for how to capture all of those convinced clients RIGHT NOW, before they leave your website.  This world is filled with too much marketing noise to assume they will find a way to get hold of you.  We strive to install tools on every website to get as close to the point of sale as possible before they leave.

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